Private Studio just for you.

This wedding couple had 2 packages of 8 for them and their family.
Their wedding party performed a lovely Waltz.
This couple only had 4 lessons however the groom had prior lessons with me and had a strong smooth lead when he performed the Wedding Party Waltz.
This couple had
12 private lessons.
This couple had 8 privates  lessons.
This couple took group classes for the wedding reception dancing and 4 private lessons for the First Dance.

This Father is taking private lessons with both his wife and daughter.  So far about 12 hours of lessons along with group lessons with me at World Gym, it's a blast!

Because Timothy had lessons with me prior, Heidi and he were able to dance this well with only 8 lessons.

See him in the Wedding Party Waltz above.

 This couple had 4 private lessons.

Private Lessons packages:


WOW the crowd ,  

8 hours of lessons is $400


Take 4, leave time for more is $220

Or One trial hour $60.