Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have a partner?

Partners are encouraged but not necessary.  Attending classes are the best way to find others without partners who are also interested in dancing.  We ask everyone to rotate so everyone gets to dance and learn to be a better leader or follower. It is when the laughter goes through the rafters.  Fun!

What kind of clothes do I wear to a dance class?

Be comfortable, think business casual. For the classes that are held at World Gym, although it is an athletic club, most students wear street clothes rather than work out gear.


For the Dance Parties think more fashionable & formal clothing.

What shoes do I wear?

Generally speaking, wear snug to comfortable fitting shoes and only sandals with back straps. Preferably shoes that do not make black marks on the floor.Specific locations recommendations for shoes:


GottaDanceNOW Home Studio:This professional wood floor is both floating and sprung, because it can never be refinished, we dance only with dance shoes, new shoes or stocking feet.  Most men agree they are more comfortable learning in socks when they cannot hurt the ladies toes.

World Gym – PTC 74.

This location has sprung wood floors where both the Dance Parties and Sunday Classes are hosted. Wear hard sole shoes rather than anything with rubber bottoms like athletic shoes therefor your movements will not be restricted.World Gym – LexingtonThis is a sprung hard floor, wear hard sole or smooth leather soles, suede leather Ballroom shoes work as well but anything rubber will restrict movement.

SONGS: How do I know what dances work with what music ?


Sondra Chan

Certified American Ballroom Dance Instructor

ProDVIDA member with an Associate of Dance Degree





What is the difference between ‘Ballroom’, ‘Wedding’, ‘Social’ and ‘Free Style’ Dancing?


Free style is anything danced physically independent of each other.  Wedding Dancing is Social Dancing, it’s mostly Ballroom Dancing and it is also termed, partnership dancing.

American Ballroom is indeed social dancing and is divided

by two categories: Smooth and Rhythm.


American Smooth dances

includes the Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango and Viennese Waltz. Which are American Ballroom.

QuickStep is in the Smooth category of International Ballroom.

These dances progress or flow ‘smoothly’, counter clockwise around the dance floor in what is called:  Line Of Dance or LOD.


American Rhythm Dances: are mostly ‘Spot Dances’, danced in one spot, they do not progress.

Rhythm dances include all the Swing and Latin dances.

Swing dances: East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing, Carolina Shag &  Swing Hustle.  

Latin dances: Cha Cha, Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, Samba, Mambo, Bachata, Cumbia and more.

Rhythm also includes Nightclub 2-Step & Bolero, and more, these dances are well liked and danced socially.  I consider them ‘adopted’ into the Rhythm category of Ballroom, since Ballroom instructors teach them as well.



How do I know what to dance to what music?

When you learn the dances, you learn the beat and can count it out and feel it by the characteristics of the music. So in essence, you learn as you go, so be patient, it will come to you in time. I have cheat sheets at my monthly dance parties to help assist dancers.


To help my students, I’ve started a list of just some songs.

You may find some songs in more than one dance, like Kokomo, you may dance:  Rumba, Cha, East Coast Swing, West Coast Swing and Nightclub 2-Step to this song.


This my song list, so far:


American Style Rhythm: includes

Latin dances and Swing dances  and Nightclub 2 Step



Cha Cha

Cha Cha is lively, fun and emphasizes Cuban Motion, it is a rhythm expressed throughout the body.



I Need To Know

Lady Marmalade

Jesus Is The Lamb,

Don’t Ya Wanna Be Remembered, Carman

Walking On The Sun

Then The Morning Comes

With All My Heart

(You Drive Me ) Crazy


You Give Love A Bad Name,

Push It,

Livin on a Prayer,

Love Potion #9,


Who’s Zoomin Who?

I Knew You were waiting for me,

I Want You Back,


Stay With Me Tonight,

I Want It That Way,

Larger Than Life,

Corozon Espinado,

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You,

Let’s Get Loud, Jaylo (fast)


Give It To Me

I’m Too Sexy

Blurred Lines

Get This Party Started

Life Is A Highway

Walk Like An Egyptan

Take A Chance On Me


Billy Jean


Beat It

Bang Bang

Wild Thing

Madonna Medley

I Can See Clearly Now

Give Me Just One More Night

My Maria

It’s My Life

Addicted To Love

Pink Cadillac

Forget You

Black Cat




Stir It Up

Smooth Operator

La La, by The Hit Crew

Oye Como Va

You Drive Me Crazy

Lady Ga Ga Applause

La La Hit Crew

Escapade…Most of Michael Jackson music and Janet Jackson

Broken Hearted Karmin








Sometimes called the ’Dance of LOVE.’

Rumba is distinguished by its romantic feel, perhaps the most important characteristic is the continuous and flowing Cuban Motion

which is what gives Rumba its sensual look.


~ Latin:

Enamorado De Ti  by Elvis Crespo ( my favorite )

Live To Tell & One More Chance by Madona

Land of the Sea and Sun,


Coconut Woman by Harry Belafonte

Spanish Harlem,

United Together,

Ever Changing Times, by Aretha

Como Me Duele Perderte by Gloria


Spanish Eyes

Dame Otra Oportunidad/ GE

Please Don’t Cry



~ Motown Rumba Songs:

My Guy

My Cherie Amour

Just My Imagination

What’s Going On

I’ll be There


~ 50 /60’s Rumba Songs:

Under The Boardwalk,


Cry To Me,

Be My Baby,

Stand By Me,

Save The Last Dance For Me,


My Girl,

Dream Lover,


Good Morning Sunshine

Moon River by Jerry Butler (no kidding, usually Moon River is a Waltz)


~ County Rumba Songs:

Feels So Right

I’ve Got Sunshine

The Closer You Get

We Really Shouldn’t Be Doing This



My Father’s Eyes

Wanted Dead Or Alive

Father Figure

Heal The Pain

By Your Side

Beautiful Day

Better Together

My Love


New Kid In Town

Heal The Pain

You’ve Got A Friend

Fields of Gold


Save The Last Dance For Me

Never Say Good-Bye

New Kid In Town, Eagles

Moon dance

In Your Eyes

I’d Do Anything For You

With Arms Wide Open

Always You and I

All This Love

She Will Be Loved





Salsa is a syncopated sexy dance characterized by strong Cuban Motion body isolations and intricate turning combinations.

With Salsa the Dancer can choose to break on the 1, 2 or 6, most common is to break on the ‘1’.

Livin’ La Vida Loca

Biddi Biddi Bom Bom,

Amor Prohibido

Como La Flor

Baila Esta Cumbia


Refugio De Amor (You Are My Home), Dance With Me

Que Hebria Sido De Mi,

Le Hare Feliz,

Hay Que Poner El Alma,

Apiadate De Mi,

La Duena De Mis Amores, by Victor Manuelle

Por Amar

Se Da Todo

Ahora Quien

No Sabes Como Duele

Amor Adventurero, by Marc Anthony

Amor De Colegio, Willie Crespo

Que Lloro

Valio La Pena


Corazone Partio


Balio La Pena

By David Cedeno: Lady In Red and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?

Que Sera Que Sera

Se Que No Eres Feliz

Que Dira

Voy A Arrancarte De Mi

Fiesta Pa’Los Rumberos

Dame Un Chance

Dame Tu Corazon







Samba is upbeat, lively lovingly called the “Mexican Polka”.

It is the only spot dance which can also progresses around Line Of Dance. It is characterized by its’ bounce and rolling hip action.


Shake Your Bon Bon

All Night Long


La Bomba

Nina Bonita

Spanish Eyes by Ricky Martin

Whenever, whenever

My Way by Robin Williams


Spanish Lullaby Madonna

Jazz Machine  Black Machine

My Sanctuary

Samba Rio

Samba Commotion

Baila Baila Conmigo

Cuidado Con El Deseo

A Thousand Miles

Besos De Coral


You Move Me. Susan Ashton

Hit The Freeway


Samba de Orleu

La Isla Bonita





This is a fast and spicy dance characterized by strong Cuban Motion, staccato movement and expression of rhythm through the body. The dancer holds on count ‘1’ and breaks on the count of ‘2’.

Mambo also features many swivels and spins.


Tricky Tricky

Mambo # 5

I Got A Girl

La Bamba

Do You Love Me


De Todo Un Poco

Para Donde Vas

Hula Love




This dance originated in the countryside and the rural neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic.  It has a four-step beat achieved with a walking Cuban hip motion, and a unique “pop”.


Please Don’t Cry

Raulin Rodriguez


Ruben Del Rio

Joe Veras

Christian Christian



Alex Bueno

Yoskar Sarante

Daniel Moncion

Ruben Del Rio

Dame Otra Oportunidad

Monchy Alexandra

Frank Reyes

Geovanny Polacola Maca




Bolero is a slow dance characterized by smooth, gliding movement, dramatic arm styling with a lovely romantic sensual feeling.

Bolero is a mixture of three dances, it combines contra- body movement from Tango, rise and fall from Waltz, and slow Cuban Motion from Rumba.


Falling Into You

Endless Summer Nights


Moon Glow (Rod’s version)

Come What May

Half Way To Heaven

Love Don’t Cost a Thing

You’ll See

I Do, Cherish You

My Baby You

Crazy Love

Trapped By This Thing Called Love

Dance With Life (Brilliant Light)

Spanish Lullaby

All By Myself

Could This Be Love

Wonderful Tonight

Could This Be Love

All By Myself

Crazy Love

My Baby You


All In All

Por Un Beso

Nuestra Felicidad

Dos Gardenias

You Got It All

You’re Beautiful

Waiting For The World To Change

Jesus Take the Wheel


East Coast Swing 


Swing is a fun and upbeat dance. Distinguished by it’s bounce,

back break and swinging hip action, and it uses single double and triple rhythms.

Single Rhythm is the basic for Jitterbug.

Triple Rhythm is the basic for WCS, Lindy Hop and Carolina Shag.


Single Rhythm East Coast Swing


All Shook UP *

Boy From New York City

Rock n Roll Music *

Great Ball Of Fire *

Good Golly Miss Molly *

Chantilly Lace *

Johnny B. Goode *

Dancin’ Party *

Quarter To Three, *

Splish Splash

Tutti Frutti

Rock N Robin

Blue Suede Shoes by Carl Perkins * (Elvis’s BPM is fast)

At The Hop: fast

Sea Cruise *

Fun Fun Fun *

Barbara Ann *

Little Duece Coupe ~ Triple

Dance Dance Dance

Barbara Ann *

Do You Wanna Dance

Surfin’ USA

Hound Dog

Still The One

Wipe Out

The Twist *

It’s Party Time *

I’m a Believer *

Why Do Fool’s Fall In Love *


*Great tempo for beginners



Triple Rhythm East Coast Swing


You Shook Me All Night Long, ACDC

Pretty Woman

Old Time Rock n Roll, Bob Seger

Operator, Ray’s Rock House* by MT

Respect, Think, Chain OF Fools by Aretha Franklin

Flash Dance

Susie Q, Proud Mary, Fortunate Son,

Hey Tonight and Around The Bend by CCR

Your Mama Don’t Dance

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

Louie Louie

Sugar Sugar

Proud Mary

Bop by Dan Seals

New Attitude by Patty LaBelle

Day Dream Believer by The Monkeys

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly

Shoop Song by Cher

Tossin’ And Turnin’ by Bobby Lewis

Sweet Pea by Tommy Roe

Indian Lake by The Cowsills

The Batman Theme by the Marketts

Hang On Sloopy

Love Shack

It’s Raining Men

I Saw Her Standing There

Pink Cadillac

Mony Mony

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

We are Family

Summer of ‘69

Girls just Want To Have Fun

The Power Of Love

Still The One

Twist And Shout

Knock On Wood

Saturday Night

December 1963 (Oh What A Night)

Just Dance

Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us

Hollywood Nights

Heart Ache Tonight

Dancing Queen

You Can Dance

This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)

Cherry Bomb




West Coast Swing


West Coast Swing is smooth, no bounce, and danced in a ‘slot’.

WCS can be danced to a wide variety of music like, Rhythm and Blues, Country, Funk, Disco, Rock and Pop.


Jack and Diane

Layla  and

Change The World, by Eric Clapton

Heartache Tonight

She Drives Me Crazy

Mustang Sally

Silver Spoon

Slip Away


Riding With The King, Marry You, I Wanna Be,

Since I Fell For You, Ain’t Nobody Like My Baby,

Don’t Go No Farther, She’s My Baby by BB. King

 (Sittin’ on)  The Dockof the Bay

Eye Of The Tiger

Blueberry Hill

Groovy Situation

Groove Me

I Love Rock n Roll


Take The Money And Run

The River Of Dreams

Give Me One Reason

In The Midnight Hour

Another One Bits The Dust

Fast Car

Life’s Been Good

Minnie The Moocher







Smooth Dance Catagory:



Is characterized by ‘rise and fall’ and sway.

The feet stay in contact with the floor, creating a smooth, gliding look Waltz has an elegant gracefulness with a romantic and sometimes sad feel to the music.


Come Away With Me, The Long Day is Over, Nora Jones 

Always, instrumental version by Strictly Ballroom

Take It To The Limit, Eagles

Could I have this dance, Ann Murray

Open Arms, Journey

Three Times A Lady,

Their Heats Were Dancing, Forest Sisters

Turn Around, Kenny Logins 

Flying Dreams, Kenny Logins

How Beautiful, Twila Paris

You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman, Aretha

The Spinning Wheel, Phil Coulter (Son’s favorite) plus by Phil:

Beautiful Dreamer, The Streets of Loredo,

The Band Played Waltzing Matilda,ha

Amazing Grace, and more by Phil Coulter.

Run For The Roses, Dan Fogelberg

Love is On The Way, Show Some Emotion,

When I Need You, Celine Dion

Celebrate Me Home Kenny Logins

Give Me Forever, I Do, John Tesh and James Ingram

Time In A Bottle

Your Song

Friends For Life

You Light Up My Life Debby Boone

Edelweiss, instrumental as well as by Juie Andrews

Belonging, Secret Gardens very slow

You’ve Got A Way and

Great Is Thy Faithfulness by Kathy Troccoli

All the Pretty Ponies

With A Little Help from my Friends

Love Is A Hunger

Santa Lucia, Perry Como

Are You Lonesome Tonight? Elvis Home recording

I Wonder Why, Curtis Stigers

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Cherish The Treasure

Aspen Glow, Song Of Wyoming, Rocky Mountain Suite,

Two shots Today, Rocky Mountain Suite, Starwood In Aspen, Cool Green and Shady, all by John Denver

A Time For Us

Rainbow Connection by both Kenny Logins and Original Soundtrack of The Muppets

Somewhere My Love

Moon River

When I Said I Do


My Cup Runneth Over, Ed Ames

True Love

The Sweetheart Tree

Between Now And Forever

With You I’m Born Again

Around The World

Love With Me


So This Is Love

If You Don’t Know Me By Now

Noel, Andy Williams

Secret Lovers

The Wedding Song

Weekend In New England by Barry Manilow, slow

Everybody Has a Dream Billy Joel

Forever Love, Liz Abelle

Prince of Egypt,

Right Time Of The Night, Glendon Smith

Show Some Emotion,

Only One Road, Celine Dion

One More Try, George Michael

Please Take Me Back To Toy Land, Nat King Cole

Pretty Maids in a Row,

Saturday Night, Eagles

So This Is Love, Ilene Woods & Mike Douglas

The Sweetheart Tree, Johnny Mathis

Overcome, Jeremy Camp

Mozart’s Lullaby, Bob Carlisle

What’ll I do, David Syme

Daddy’s Little Girl, Melody of Love, Al Martino

Marble Halls, Enya

When I call your name, Vince Gill




Key characteristics of the Foxtrot are smooth, gliding steps with a heel lead, controlled movement and an easygoing look. The Foxtrot is an all-purpose dance with the most variety that can be performed to many different styles of music


Amazed, Lone Star

The Power Of Love, Let’s Talk About Love,

Love Can Move Mountains,

Because You Loved me, Celine Dion

When I’m With You

When I Fall In Love

The Best Is Yet To Come

Memories Of Us, Keith Urban

You’re The Meaning Of My Life,

Your Love Has Made Me Real,

It’s Your Love

Sweet Child Of Mine

Bless The Broken Road

Everything I do (I do for you)

A Wink And A smile

Recipe For Love

Never Saw A Miracle, Curtis Stigers

Anything Goes

Your Love Is King

Have I Told You Lately, Rod Stewart

Breathe, Faith Hill

Life Is A Dance, John Michael Montgomery

Just the way you are, Billy Joel

Longer Than, Dan Fogelberg

Mack The Knife,

L. O. V. E. by Nat King Cole

I’ve Got The World On A String,

Blue Skies, New York New York

The Way You Look Tonight,

Come Dance With Me,

Young At Heart,

You Are Too Marvelous For Words,

Fly Me To The Moon,

I’ve Got You Under My Skin,

You Make Me Feel So Young

Love Is Here To Stay

It Had To Be You

(Much of Frank Sinatra’s music is FT)

Chapel Of Love,

You’ll Be In My Heart, Cirlcle Of Life,

Can you Feel The Love Tonight? Phil Collins, Elton John?

Orange Colored Sky, Straighten Up And Fly Right, Natalie Cole

I’ve Got The World On a String, Fever

King Of The Road,

Cheek To Cheek

Nobody But Me, Lou Rawls


100 Years

Most of Michael Buble’ music

Angels All Around

Pink Panther / Hawaii 5.0. from a Ballroom CD

Memories are Made Of This, Dean Martin

She’s Just Dance,

I Could Not Ask For More, Edwin McCain

My Wish

Father and Daughter, Paul Simon

Dance With Life (Brilliant Light), Phenomenon

On The Wings Of Love



Viennese Waltz

Approximately twice as fast as the Waltz, this dance is best characterized by speed.  With it’s elegance and turns using the rise and fall and sway Viennese Waltz has an air of magic.


You and Me, Lifehouse

Complainte De La Butte, Moulin Rouge

After The Ball, Nat King Cole

Blue Danube Waltz

Years From Now

I loved her First, Heart Land


At Last

I Pledge My Love

Falling In and Out Of Love With You, Mariah Carey

Without Love

Under the Bridges of Paris with You

Pledge For Love

Sunrise Sunset

Whatever Will Be Will Be

Years From Now

Friends For Life

Kiss From A Rose

This Is Your Time

This Is Crazy Now

Before I knew Your Name  Bob Carlisle




American Tango is known for its’ close hold, low center of gravity and emphasis on Contra Body Movement.  Tango progresses in a stealthy, almost cat-like, very dramatic staccato or checking movement.


Tango of Roses

Love Birds

Hernando’s Hideaway

Besame’ Mucho

Red Petticoats

Midnight Tango


Ole Guapa

Blue Tango

Valentino’s Tango

Por La Vuelta


Whatever Lola Wants

Cell Block Tango

El Tango

El Choclo

El Tango De Roxanne

Guitar Tango

Isle Of Capri

La Cumparsita

La Paloma

Morning Dew



Adios Muchachos

Cell Block Tango

La Cumprasita

Whatever Lola Wants

Puerto Grande

Senor Gonzales

Tango Del Amor

Tango Verano



It’s own Category, usually considered Rhythm:


Nightclub Two-Step

Lady In Red

Love Will Keep Us Alive, Eagles

Talk About Us, JaLo

Spanish Eyes, M.Anthony

I Want To Take Forever Tonight

Always You And I

Hungry Eyes

Wonderful Tonight

We’ve Got Tonight

After the Love has gone

Ain’t no love

Drift Away

Against the Wind

On My Own

September Grass



Short for ‘Swing Hustle’ now often called the New York Hustle, was borrowed from numerous dance styles including Swing, Latin and Smooth Ballroom (incorporating it’s traveling movements and pivots.)  Due to the speed of Hustle, it is essential for the Leader and Follower to maintain eye contact as often as possible. The dancers should maintain a ‘rubber-like’ quality between them, moving away from the common center on all break steps and then rebounding to their next step.


Ain’t it Funny

Good Vibrations

I Will Love Again

A Deeper Love

Turn the Beat Around

Solid As A Rock

Boogie Shoes

Upside Down

From a web site:

"Be My Lover & Sweet Dreams" by La Bouche

"Think I'm in Trouble" by Expose

  • "Too Blind to See" by Kim Sims

  • "Finally" by CeCe Peniston

  • "We Got A Love Thang" by CeCe Peniston

  • "Lifeline" by CeCe Peniston

  • "I'm Every Woman" by Whitney Houston

  • "Vogue" by Madonna

  • "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor

  • "You've Got another Boyfriend" by the Jets

  • "Fever" by Madonna

  • "I've Been Thinkin' About You" by London Beat

  • "Souvenirs" by Voyage

  • Boogie Motion" by Beautiful Bend

  • "Love is the Ultimate" by Ultimate

  • "Come into my Heart" by USA-European Connection

  • "If there's Love" by Amant

  • "Move on up" by Destination

  • "Born to be Alive" by Patrick Hernandez

  • "Come to Me" France Joli

  • "From here to Eternity" by Giorgio

  • "Love in C Minor" by Cerrone








    BPM= Beats Per Minute

    MPM= Measures Per Minute


    Another resource:


     From internet:

    Christian Dance Music

    Best Answer:  Newsboys - You Are My King = night club 2 step 
    Tree63 - Blessed Be Your Name = cha cha 
    Switchfoot - Always = Viennese waltz 
    Chris Tomlin - Indescribable = Viennese waltz 
    Go Fish - The Solid Rock = swing 
    JJ Heller - What Love Really Means = waltz 
    Tenth Avenue North - Losing = rumba 
    TobyMac - Me Without You = West coast swing 
    Annette Moreno - Buscale = rumba 
    Jaci Velasquez - Tango = cha cha 
    Mary Mary - In the Morning = West coast swing or hustle 
    The Jimmy Stahl Big Band - Step Into The sonshine = foxtrot 
    Owl City - If My Heart Was A House = waltz 
    Carman - Jesus Is The Lamb = samba 
    Puchi Colón y su Orquesta - Mañana = salsa 
    Switchfoot - This Is Home = rumba 
    Britt Nicole - How We Roll = cha cha

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