CLASSES:  Adults & Teens & Children

Both performances are my students:
Sondra, our kids love you, what a professional  you are, and funny too!   until we had you teach. Keep being who you are and doing what you do. The kids love you.   It's a joy to watch the kids laugh and learn. Susan Dell

Sondra's classes are focused and for fun we tease her about her accent, dontcha know... and she just laughs and keeps us going. She is an amazing instructor.    I didn't think I liked to dance...but I do now, because she makes it so fun.     Mike and Kacy Best

Blessings to you as you inspire folks to delight in truly blesses my heart and soul and body and I look forward to truly learning to do more swing, jitterbug, etc.

You are a gem and so very much fun. We look forward to being your students again. :)   Karen Morton and Demos
Sondra    770 . 243 . 3386