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Mr. and Mrs Duncan

Thanks so much Sondra. If we’re learning quickly, it is due to your excellent instruction! We’ve always wanted to learn to dance. We even took a few lessons in the past which turned out to be disastrous & we were never even able to dance one song together.  We learned more in one lesson with you than all other previous lessons combined. Now we’re super excited & feel like we will be successful. You have a true gift & we really   appreciate you. 

Have a great week! 😊

Mike Jones, President of USA Dance Minnesota from the article: Another Mall of America Success

How about that Sondra Chan?  She is a local dance instructor and organizer extraordinaire.  Sondra currently has an arrangement with 8 different Lifetime Fitness Clubs to teach 20 different classes. She personally teaches and trains other instructors to handle all of this volume.  Sondra tells me she is planning to take on more clubs, the eventual total is to be determined. I guess it depends on how many of the Lifetime Program planners are clever enough to take advantage of a good thing.

POLKA Birthday Party



We are still talking about how much fun it was to add a polka lesson to our birthday celebration activities!  Not that any of us are ready to a competition any time soon. 😊    The group really enjoyed it, even the little ones.  At first everyone thought it was “different”, taking the party to a dance lesson, but it was so much fun.


Thank you for being part of our family get together, and giving the family something to remember for years!


God Bless,



Cynthia J Silloway


Tina Aasen

Hello Sondra,

My soon to be daughter In-Law, Ana, really enjoyed taking your Waltz class on Sunday!  I have never Waltzed before and I was very excited to learn!  You made the class lots of fun and comfortable for beginners even thought there were a few experienced dancers there too.  I can’t wait to bring my husband as I know we will have fun dancing together!


Thank you and see you soon!


Tina Aasen

Libby Fellows Belkeir

Sondra is so lovely, patient and a great dance instructor!! we enjoyed our dance lesson so much and have lots of practice ahead to be wedding reception first dance ready. We are excited about taking more dance classes!! 😁

​Recommended by Stephanie Reese and 1 other

Sondra is so lovely, patient and a great dance instructor!! we enjoyed our dance lesson so much and have lots of practice ahead to be wedding reception first dance ready. We are excited about taking more dance classes!! 😁

Kelsi & Alex, Kim & Jerry


Thank-you so much for all of your help preparing us for our wedding!

Your moves are going to make us look like "amateur" pro-dance stars!

We appreciate you and your patience with us.  

Will contact you as soon as we get pix and videos.

We want more dancing!


I had the best time dancing with Sondra in the rain at the graduation party.

Mia, Age 8

Very talented and kind teacher.

Caylor Bermudez Harbin shared Chloe Bermudez's post.

20 hrs · 

My sister Chloe! Please share this inspiring moment.


Chloe Bermudez

21 hrs · 

The beautiful bride in this video is my sister, Chloe. I want to share this moment in her story because I am sure it will inspire many, as it has inspired me. We hope you will share it, too. The finish is especially beautiful, so don't miss it!

I remember the day Chloe and Jason walked up to me and told me they wanted their first dance to look like the scene from High School Musical where the lead characters waltzed to the song, “Can I Have This Dance.” My first thought was a question--"You mean the dance filled with jumps, lifts, and complicated dance moves...uh that one?".

For those you who don't know Chloe and Jason, Chloe has Down Syndrome, and Jason has learning differences. These exceptionalities have never stopped them from doing the things that brought them joy and happiness—including getting engaged and planning their wedding. Knowing this, my second thought and response to them was, "Game on!".

There was only one problem…I was neither a dance teacher nor a choreographer. After talking with friends, we found a highly recommended instructor. When Chloe and Jason first told this dance teacher of their plan, she was skeptical.

The first dance lesson changed her perspective as she began to see their capability and desire to create a beautiful dance. She was no longer a skeptic; she was partner—committed to helping Jason and Chloe create a memory of a lifetime.

After hours of dance lessons, the couple had their last meeting with the teacher. As she turned the song on and sat back to watch, her eyes filled with tears. Chloe and Jason completed the routine flawlessly.

Chloe and Jason, once again, proved they are overcomers.

It takes two to tango…in this case it took a very talented and kind dance teacher, and two committed dance students to create one of the most beautiful first dances I have ever seen.

It's amazing what can happen in the lives of those with special needs when one person chooses to be an advocate rather than a skeptic.

Stuart R

"My fiancee land I were seeking adult dance lessons to get the basics down for our first dance as husband and wife. It looked like most of the dance instruction in the PTC area was geared toward children, however, a search for ballroom dance yielded I contacted Sondra by phone and she arranged a 2 hour lesson for us in her private studio. She was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient with us as we stumbled through the foxtrot; helping us with everything from bridal presentation to proper form. Great sense of humor as well, we felt very entertained while being educated, we highly recommend!"


Stuart R., Peachtree City


"Sondra is a gifted dancer but more importantly she is an amazing teacher! I've always wanted to learn how to ballroom dance and Sondra makes you feel like family from the first time you meet her. - - Eric "

(No last name as we are to surprise his wife with his ballroom skills.)

Linda Gearke

Sondra is not only the best dancer
and dance instructor I've ever known, she is also one of the most committed to family women I've ever known! Her love for her husband and children is unparalleled, and I love how you all work together as a team to support your thriving business! You rock, Sondra!

Jamey Cindy Leseueur

My husband and I were taking lessons somewhere else, when a friend told me about Sondra.

What a difference!  She's amazing!!

She has made lessons so fun! She is always so happy, she finds fun ways to teach us and help us remember important details.  She figures out what is wrong and easily fixes it.  She not only loves to dance, she loves the people she is teaching.  We are so blessed to have her for a teacher and I can truly say, a friend.

Heidi Leonard

Sondra infuses the perfect blend of professionalism and fun into all her classes.    It has been a pleasure to learn a new skill from an instructor that gives graceful attention to details in such a positive manner.

Simone Kerr

Sondra Chan had my 12 year old son loving Ballroom Style Dance after the first hour with her. He wowed my family, dancing Swing with all the ladies at a wedding party after just a few lessons. Her crazy fun energy is addictive. I looked everywhere for a certified ballroom dance instructor--as far as I could tell, she's the only one on the South side. It's nice to be able to trust that she's teaching everything correctly!  We feel so blessed to have her in our life.



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Sondra, my dear, love you! How lucky Peachtree City guys to have you as a dance instructor!

You are doing an amazing job! God bless you!!!

Love and miss you all, my friends!!!!!

Paige Marchman Bearden

Dance Class is a blast!

We hope we are ready for Mitch's Wedding.

We love you Sondra!

Lynn Wallace

Sondra and the Sunday Night Dance Class - Thank you so much for the birthday banner, gifts, song and DANCE! I love you guys!

Bill and Linda

Sondra prepared us in ONE day!.............

We thought since we are young and have rhythm we could watch YouTube and create something for our wedding.   WRONG!

The more we watched the more it confused us.

S.O.S we called Sondra.  She had an opening that night, and taught us a simple yet elegant entrance, how to dance around the floor to our song and a great dip to end it....all in just 2 hours.

Thank-you Sondra S.O.S.

Deb Haqq

Sondra, Thanks for opening up the world of dancing to me.  You will be missed.  I am sure you will have a great business in your new place.    God's Blessings on you and your family.    Love Deb Haqq

Samuel and Elizabeth

"We greatly enjoyed taking dance lessons with Sondra. Samuel had her as a dance instructor for another wedding he was in and he was very pleased with her knowledge, flexibility, and excellent teaching skills. We loved every lesson with Sondra , and we would HIGHLY recommend her to friends and family - you won't be disappointed with her as your dance instructor. Bonus, she has a great personality and working with her is a ton of fun!"  - Samuel and Elizabeth

Heidi Leodard

I've had the BEST time taking group dance lessons the past few months with Sondra Chan at GottaDanceNOW. Check out the variety of classes she offers through the week and join us! I'll be at the 8pm latin Bachata class tomorrow!

Charlotte Hof

“ Fantastic - I love it! ”

— Charlotte Hof on Aug 22, 2016.

Paige Bearden

You are so much fun and I am enjoying this class!  I love your energy!

Tim and Cheryl Murphy

YOU are a miracle worker!   Thank-you for coming to our rescue!

Tanya Parker

"I was looking for a certified ballroom instructor and found Sondra.  Her classes are so much fun and I am in love with ballroom dancing.  I can't stop smiling after the class, I am loving this!!!"


“ Nice people. Great participation ”

— Naeemah Gentry on Jun 20, 2015.

Alexis and Annamaria

I never in my life thought I could actually enjoy dancing but you have made every class fun and very welcoming.  We appreciate you very much and all that you do for us.  Not just as a dance teacher but as a friend  :)

Gloria Fienemann

Miss Sondra you classes are the best,  I love your classes!

Robyn Townsend

"Thank you for being such an amazing teacher! My kiddos love you!!! (And I know they aren't the only ones!) Robyn Townsend

Karen Morton and Demos

Blessings to you as you inspire folks to delight in truly blesses my heart and soul and body and I look forward to truly learning more swing, jitterbug, etc.


You are a gem and so very much fun. We look forward to being your students again, after our honeymoon. :)

Tom and Debbie Ross

Sondra, My wife Debbie and I wanted to thank you for a great time last night. This was our first dance lesson and I’m certain it won’t be our last. We’ll be in touch for future lessons. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. Tom Ross


Mike and Kacy Best

Sondra's classes are focused and for fun we tease her about her accent, dontcha know... and she just laughs and keeps us going. She is an amazing instructor. 

 I didn't think I liked to dance...but I do now, because she makes it so fun.     Mike and Kacy Best

Tom Keenan

My wife arranged lessons with Sondra in preparation for my son's wedding. While not too excited initially, Sondra made the experience fun and even though I felt clumsy and slow, I've improved so much in just two sessions. Not only is she an expert but is a blast to work with, very engaging and encouraging. If you are interested in learning to dance or just becoming a better dancer and you want to have fun in the process, I highly recommend Sondra Chan.         Tom Keenan, Peachtree City, GA


Sondra,We have sold our home here in PTC and will be moving to FL. If you hear of someone like you in that area, please let me know. Of the four dance instructors we experienced locally, you are by far our favorite. We’ll miss you!  Hugs,  Donna Lasseter

Peachtree City - Civil Air Patrol

We wish to thank-you Sondra, we call you The Ballroom Dancing Lady. Thank-you for teaching us to dance and hosting our Christmas Ball.   We made this picture and framed it for you to remember us.

Daddy Daughter Dance with Greg and Ashley

Greg and Ashley Riney

Sondra we really enjoyed our dance lessons with you, we had fun as you are such a great instructor. We really appreciate all that you taught us.  Thank-you for showing us how to look a bit 'classier' on the dance floor for the big wedding day!

Judy Diaz

 I just wanted to write you to tell you how happy I am to have finally made it to your class!!

I was totally at ease and it was so much fun. Everything was so professional, the dance room the music you know how to put a newcomer at ease. If anyone is looking for a dance instructor look no further Sondra is the one. 

Tiffany and Family with Teen Classes:



You are a wonderful dance instructor! Thank you for making learning dance so much fun! My daughters have been enjoying dancing with you for awhile now and I am glad the rest of us have joined in. The dances you teach are great for all ages. We are very happy to have found someone who is very encouraging, has a wonderful personality, and is such a great teacher to those with little or no experience as well as those who have been dancing a long time. Your classes fly by so quickly each week, but we feel we learn a lot each and every class. We highly recommend your classes for school-aged kids attending dances or cotillion, people getting married, as well as everyone who would like to make date night/evening out, more exciting. Thanks again for being the amazing and enthusiastic teacher you are!!!💃

Tiffany & Family

Chuck & Vickie Oakley

"Sondra is the BEST!

Her knowledge of dance is second to none, but what really helps her stand out is her method of communication. "Strong like bull!"  and   "careful, no puppy hands!"      She makes learning to dance so much fun!    I still remember everything she's taught me because of the clever way she communicates!"    So ....thanks Sondra, you are the best and the most fun to work with of all.   Blessings!  Chuck


Christine Baldwin Thomas

If you've not ever taken dance lessons as a couple or as a single- you should!  This is the instructor you want!   Sondra is an expert instructor and a lot of fun!   Got a wedding coming up?   Call her.   We LOVE her!

Don and Jane Smith

We are discovering Sondra Chan delivers more than a dance class. For sure, we not only learn from her gifted and professional instruction, in addition we are finding abundant friendships and tons of laughter are great bonuses. We plan to be in her classes for a long time to come and we highly recommend her dance classes to all!


Natalie Overman

Dear Sondra,


Thank you so much for sharing your love of dance with my friends and I! We are having such a wonderful time exploring all the Latin dances.

The group of us have been friends since grammar school and when we all discovered that one of the things on our mutual bucket lists was to improve our dance skills I am some thankful that  I found you! You make the classes easy for a non dancer like me to follow, but challenging for my friends that have more experience!

All of us are having a great time and look forward to each new dance!


See you Wednesday!


Olga Tikhosha

Sondra you are a great Instructor and a Wonderful Person!

I've had some dance experience here and there, and I know how important it is to have a really good dance instructor. Sondra's sessions are unique in a way that besides being a meticulous instructor, she is a very encouraging teacher. She fills you with a "can do" attitude and leads you from a first awkward step to a beautiful dance. And each session is spiced with Sondra's sparkling humor that makes people laugh a lot and feel at ease on the dance floor. 

Mike (and Mary Jane) Server

Regarding the Monthly Dance Parties....Have you ever watched, really watched children on a playground?  They share the joy of movement.

Jumping, arm waiving and running - they love to move!   

Saturday Night, Sondra helped us re-discover the joy....and we get to do it to music!  

Sophisticated people call it "Dance".   I just call it "Fun!"

Dr. Mike Strain

Just a note to thank you for the emergency pre-wedding dance lesson. Even with couples lessons 1 and 2 years ago, I needed more confidence in my ability to take the lead. Because of the intense review, I was able to recall and dance with my wife at our niece's wedding. Her toes thank you since I didn't crush them a single time. It's amazing how a single lesson brought back the muscle memory. I would recommend an individual lesson highly to anyone wanting to see rapid improvement. Thanks again! 

Cynthia Fabricius

The past few weeks I have been bringing a teenage boy to Sondra's Thursday afternoon class for teens.

After one class my young friend was twirling Sondra across the dance floor! She has such a love for what she does and a gift for teaching anyone to dance. You can't help but smile and feel happy while watching Sondra work her magic on the dance floor.

Nancy Spencer

Sondra! Only the BEST instructor in Georgia!

I felt like we were in marriage counseling 101. I had such an AHA moment learning that I was trying to be the Alpha Dog on the dance floor. It was such an eye opening moment for me to realize how much I wanted to control the dance. I was learning how to trust Paul (my husband) in a whole new area which really took me to a root issue in my life. Very interesting. And you got the awesome privilege of  watching that unfold! How lucky are you? Just so you was a very positive outcome for us both in our marriage.


I just wanted to write you to tell you how impressed I was with your Home Studio. First of all, everything was so professional, the room we danced in, the music, the ambiance...everything!!! The technicality of the moves you taught us will have us ready to look so cultured the next time we have an important event, but it was your effervescent personality what really made it worthwhile. Your price was very reasonable, and I loved how intimate your teaching and the dance moves were. My husband and I are trying to find a time when we can come out and do this again, even though we do live 60 miles away (you make it worth the drive). I will certainly spread the word about your dancing business and hope and pray that it continues to blossom! 

Gladys Brennan

We are very grateful for the wonderful class you taught, at our conference. It was one of the highlights of the workshops.  You have a wonderful personality and the fact that you handled a very large class with such ease, is a credit to you.  Everyone that participated really enjoyed it. I certainly will recommend you to others and will keep your phone handy for our other activities.
Kudos to you.

Duncan Lasley

If dancing is the art of putting love in motion, then Sondra Chan is a four-star, full-service mechanic. She fills your tank, checks the oil and tire pressure, and makes sure your 'vehicle' is roadworthy and looking sharp. Her style, grace and talent are the tools she shares, and her passion and sense of humor are the instincts that instill confidence and comfort in her clients. Spending time in her class will guarantee an appreciation of dance, and make clear the value it adds to your life. Angels come in all shapes and sizes and spend their days shining their light for others to see the path to happiness. Sondra is a busy angel, with dance shoes on her feet, songs in her heart, and bright lights in her eyes. She is generous with her devotion and contagious passion for dance, and time spent with her is an investment in a lifetime of pleasure and worth every penny. She has changed my life in ways I couldn't imagine earlier, and she will gladly do the same for you!

You're the best, kiddo! 

Joyce Larson

Sondra Chan has been one of our dance instructors at Northwest Health Clubs. She knows her patterns thoroughly, has excellent technique, and takes her teaching very seriously. This would be enough to make her an excellent teacher, which she is. The bonus is that she has an infectious personality, great sense of humor and a very positive teaching style. We’ve never seen anyone come away from her classes discouraged or cranky. Her students love her, and she genuinely cares about her students. She’s a tireless worker to make her program succeed, even investing some of her own resources to get the word out.


We recommended her as a group instructor for a fundraising event, as well, and were impressed with her ability to work with a large group. Most of the people there had had little or no dance instruction. Some were visibly hesitant to join in. Those who did, however, had a great time and came away knowing enough about dancing the Foxtrot and the Rumba to dance socially without feeling inept. She was very clear in her instruction. It was a bit of genius on her part to have taught two dances, which would seem to be totally different, by finding a common ground. Many commented on how accessible she made the lesson.


Will Poole

I have been an educator all my life- and a dancer only a few months. I strongly recommend Sondra to the beginner or advanced student as someone who knows dance well, is a talented teacher and is very enthusiastic about what she does!

Claudia Comstock

I am writing you to tell you of the wonderful experience my husband, and I had with our dance instructor. Her name is Sondra Chan (it should be Sondra CAN!)

My husband has two left feet and was very nervous about dancing but was willing to give it a try. The first couple of weeks were hard on him because his feet wouldn't do what he wanted. He was ready to throw in the towel, being a type "A" personality, who typically succeeds at everything he tries. Sondra encouraged him and was very patient, but that's not all! She went the extra mile. She instinctively knew what my husband needed. She met us early, and we had her all to ourselves before each class for a short time. Now my shy husband is taking to the dance floor on his own accord and is eager to show the other students what we have learned.

Her smile and sincerity put everyone at ease, and her instruction makes the dance floor less intimidating. I have taken dance lessons all my life and never had such an enjoyable experience.

Remember when you want to dance, Sondra Chan, CAN make a miracle happen on the dance floor.

Steve and Pattie Engel

The minute our daughter got engaged I knew I was going to have to talk my husband into dance lessons. I had heard about Sondra through a friend, so I gave her a call. We started lessons in February to prepare for the "big day" in June. After three months of lessons, we are hooked on dancing! Sondra's enthusiasm is contagious, and she has an extensive background of experience and knowledge. Her best quality is her ability to understand our learning style and teach dance in a way that makes sense to us. Sondra has made dancing fun for us and given us a lifetime skill. We can't wait to hit the dance floor at our daughter's wedding. After that, maybe Dancing With the Stars. Who knows?

Stevie and Claudy

I had a wonderful time dancing last Saturday night. The band was unbelievably good and even though my husband had to work I still found fun people to dance with. What a great way to spend an evening!!! Nice people and great dance music. I can't wait till the next GottaDanceNOW event.

 Come on everybody - let's dance!!!

Carla and Thomas

Carla and I took dance lessons with Sondra and we were extremely pleased with her professionalism and skill! She took a couple of dance rookies and patiently worked with us until we finally learned to danced together. We were both impressed with her knowledge and passion. Sondra is the best! We highly recommend her.

Claudia and Steve Ernst

Ballroom has saved our marriage!  We found Sondra, she taught us right the first time and fixed us, now we love to dance together. Thanks Sondra,

Claudia and Steve Ernst Sharpsburg

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